Sign Letters and Track kits

Make a Marquee Sign, Reader board or Portable Sign


Sign Letter and Track kits come with a complete set of Flex Letters and Sign Letter tracks to make, build or repair a changeable copy sign. Flex letter track can be mounted to sign panel by drilling a hole in the center of the track every few inches and attached or achored with rivets (anchors) or screws.

Our flex track is made of polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate is very tough and withstand harsh weather conditions. It is easy to bend, roll and drill and  will not break, crack or chip. 

Flex Letter track is also called Texas track (or letter strips, rails or channels) and is used with .030 mill flex letters. Flex letters are thin flexible plastic that will bend from end to end. 

Build a Marquee Sign, Church Sign, Portable Sign, Reader Board or Sidewalk Sign with this Kit


Flex Letter Track for Flexible Letters

Picture of Sign Track used with .030 Flexible Sign Letter


Flexible Letters Bend End to End

Flexible Plastic Letters Bend end to end

Use Flex Letter Track with the Flex Letters in this kit to make or re-track your sign.
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Note: These Flex letters are not recomended signs with letters behind enclosure doors, vandal or wind covers.