Nylon Rivet Anchors for Letter Track

Nylon Rivets for Letter Track



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Nylon Rivets for Sign Letter Track


Nylon push rivets (anchors) for attaching letter track to sign panel.

Letter Track plastic Rivet Specifications

Drill a hole in the letter track every 6 to 8 inches, insert the rivit in hole and push or tap the anchor through. This expands the shaft and holds the rivet (anchor) in place.
Nylon Rivet holding Letter Track on Sign
     Use a #11 drill or .125 background
     drill for a . 191 diameter hole 
     Use a 7/32" drill or .187 background
     drill for a .219 diameter hole
     When drilling acrylic tracks
     use a 60º drill bit.
     Standard drill bit can be used for
     polycarbonate letter track
100 rivets per packAn $10 handling fee will be add if total order is under $40.