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Gemini Marquee Letter Change Pole



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Gemini's Letter Changing Arm - Extension Letter Change Pole


The telescoping fiberglass pole are available in 2 sizes, 16-12' and 6-18'.  The telescoping arm has specially designed suction cup head which enables you to change all of the flat rigid changeable sign letters from the safety of the ground.

Letter Changing poles are to change the Rigid Marquee LettersGemini Pronto or Wagner Zip Change Letters on elivated signs without having to use a ladder. These pole  will not work with thin Flexible Sign Letters. Flexible sign letters are generally used on ground level signs and are inserted by hand.

Available with 2 cup sizes. The standard 3 3/4" cup and 2 1/8" cups for smaller letters.

Telescoping Fiberglass Letter Changer Poles are available in three sizes:

6 ft to 12 ft

6 ft to 18 ft


Extending Letter Changing pole with Suction Cup

Recommended Cup Size:

Small 2 1/8" Diameter Cup - 4" and 6" condensed letters

Standard 3 3/4 Diameter Cup - Cup - 6", 8", 10" and 12" letters

Note: Letter Change poles used with Rigid Marquee, Gemini Pronto and Zip Change Letters. Flex-Change and flexible plastic letters are best placed on the sign by hand and will not work well with a letter change pole.

FIND 3 3/4"  Gemini Replacement Cup here

FIND 2 1/8" Gemini Replacement Cup here




Sign Letter Depot
6 to 24 ft