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Rigid Sign Letters with Marquee Sign

Rigid Marquee Acrylic Letter Sets


Harder, tougher and stiffer than flexible plastic letters, rigid acrylic outdoor letters are screen printed on DR® Acrylic or polycarbonate plastic panels .060 mils thick and will not discolor, yellow, crack or get brittle. Rigid marquee outdoor letters are frequently used with custom outdoor changeable letter signs and overhead elevated signs which require a letter changing arm or extension pole. Outdoor marquee signs using rigid letters will be tracked with rails called  "Push-Up Drop Down-Track"  that hold the rigid letters on the sign. Changeable acrylic plastic letters are used for many school signs, church sign, restaurant signs and commercial grade business signs. In order to mount the letters to the sign,  push the letter upward into the bottom of the top track, then push the letter flat against the sign face and let it fall or drop down into the bottom track Outdoor Acrylic Letters may be used as replacement letters for Zip Change or Gemini Pronto Letters.

How to put Rigid Letters on Sign Panel

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