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8" on 8 7/8" high 030 Flex-Plastic Sign Letters

8" Condensed Plastic Sign Letters - 176 Flex Set

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8" on 8 7/8" Flexible Plastic Letters for Portable Signs


Set of 176 Flex-Change Condensed Plastic Letters for Portable Signs. This set has black letters and red numbers & symbols. The 8" letters are screen printed on 8 7/8" High Clear UV Protected Plastic Panel. The plasitic is about .030 mil's thick which is about as thick as a credit card.


Box contains:

10 each - A E N R S
8  each - I O T
4  each - B C D F G H L M P U W Y , .  5 0
3  each - 6 9
2  each - J K Q V X Z  ! .  1 2 3 4 7 8 $ .

Flexible Letters Bend End to End
Flexible Plastic Letters Bend end to end


To place on the sign the letter is flexed letter or bent by hand to inserted between the grooves of the tracks. Flex letters are used on signs with Flex letter tracking also called "Texas Track".

For the letter to fit you need to order the right type and size. Measure the height of the plastic panel your sign uses to make sure you buy the right size. Another method is to cut a piece of poster board 8 7/8" high and place on your sign to see if it fits. To determine the type and thickness of the letter read this guide.

Picture of Sign Track used with .030 Flexible Sign Letter

Picture of sign letter track used with flexible 030 Sign Letters

Note: These flex letters are not recommended for signs which the letters are placed behind enclosure doors, vandal or wind covers. Refer to DR Acrylic Letters for enclosed signs

Flex letters are not designed to replace thicker Rigid .060 lettersGemini Pronto or Zip Change letters. Rigid style letters different tracks called "Push up drop down track". To find the type of tracks and/or letters your sign needs read this guide. 

 How to Determine the Type of Letter your for Sign


Telescoping Letter Changer arms are used with overhead signs using Rigid, Pronto or Zip Letters

Flex Change flexible plastic letters cannot be used with a changing letter pole to place the letters on overhead signs.They are to flexible to hold suction.

Most overhead signs requiring a letter changing pole to change letters use the stiffer Rigid Marquee Letters, Gemini Pronto Letters or Zip Change Letters



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8" on 8 7/8 panel
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