8" on 8 7/8" Blue Flex-Plastic Sign Letters

8" Flex-Change Condensed Blue Letters & Red Numbers





Flex-Change Flexible Plastic Sign Letters 


Blue Letter and Red Number Set


8 inch letters are printed on 8 7/8" High Clear UV Protected Plastic Panel .030 mil's thick or about as thick as a credit card.

To insert into the track flex or bend the letter by hand to slip them into the grooves of the track. These flexible Portable Sign letters work with signs that use .030 flex letter track or also know as "Texas Track". To insure proper fit measure the height of your existing letters. You can also cut out a piece of poster board 8 7/8" high to test to see if it fits.


176 Count Set Contents
Blue Letters / Red Numbers 

10 each - A E N R S
8 each - I O T
4 each - B C D F G H L M P U W Y , . 5 0            
3 each - 6 9
2 each - J K Q V X Z  ! .  1 2 3 4 7 8 $ *


Picture of Sign Track used with .030 Flexible Sign Letter

Picture of Sign track used with flexible 030 Sign Letters

Note: These letters are not recommended signs with letters behind enclosure doors, vandal or wind covers. Refer to DR Acrylic Letters for enclosed signs 

Note: These are not replacement letters for Rigid 060 letters, Gemini Pronto or Zip letters. Rigid type flat letters use a different type of letter track called "Push up drop down track". If your not sure the type of track or letter your sign uses view the "Sign Letter Track" we offer to help determine the type of letter you need for your sign or Reader Board.


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8" on 8 7/8 panel
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