8" on 10" Pronto ADM Sign Letters - Select Kit



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Pronto ADM style rigid letters


The Pronto ADM style rigid letters is the bestselling and most popular of the Pronto letters. A wider bold letters style makes it easy to read. The prepackaged sets are optimized with more of the most commonly used characters and less of those used less frequently.  Standard 100 character sets as well as number and punctuation sets are available.

The 8” letters printed on a 9 7/8” high plastic panel.  This size letters is commonly referred to a as 8” on 10” panel. The total height of the acrylic panel is 9 7/8”.

Note: 8 inch letters are made on 2 different size panels, 9" high panels and 9 7/8” (10") high panels. Measure the height of the plastic panel before ordering.

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