OPEN BOX - 6 inch Portable Sign Letters



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6" letters printed on 7" Flexible panel - Condensed font Flex Change Letters

Open Box sets are returned items which the buyer bought the wrong size or type of letter.

Open Box Letters are not eligible for return or exchange. 

Some may show light scuffing from rubbing together during shipment or may be un-sorted from being taken out of box and re-packaged. 

Set of approxamitly 250 Condensed Flex Change letters. Our 6" Flex Change Letters are printed on 7" tall clear UV protected plastic back .030 mil's thick or about as thick as a credit card. Condensed style letters are narrower than block letters allowing you to fit more letters on your sign.

12 each - A E IN R S
10 each - O T
8 each - M
6 each - B C D F G H L P U W Y  5 0
5 each - 6 9
4 each - J K Q V X Z 1 2 3 4 7 8
2 each -  / % . *    $ !

To insert them into the track, bend or flex letter by hand to slip them into the grooves of the track. These letters work with signs that use .030 flex letter tracks or also referred to as "Texas Track". To insure proper fit measure the height of your exsiting letters. You can also cut some poster board to 6 7/8" high to test for the size of letter you sign uses.

Picture of Sign Track used with .030 Flexible Sign Letter

Picture of Sign Letter Track used with flexible 030 Sign Letters

Note: These letters are not recomended for signs with letters behind enclosure doors, vandal or window covers or extending letter changing poles. Refer to DR Acrylic letters for enclosed letter signs.

Flex letters are not designed to replace Rigid type lettering including Gemini Pronto. Rigid letters use tracking called "Push up drop down track". Refer to the following article for more information on determining the different types of letters.  

How to Determine the Type of Letter for your Sign


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