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4" on 5" Flexible Sign Letters for Changeable Letter Signs | Block Style Font

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4" on 5" Flex Change Portable Sign Letters for Changeable Letter Signs

UPC: 196852076826

Set of 276 Block style Flex Change letters, numbers and pronunciation symbols. The silk screened  4” letters are printed on 5” tall flexible plastic panel.  Flex Change letters are on thin flexible plastic and will bend from end to end and about the thickness of a credit card and used on signs using Flex Change Letter Track

Picture of Flex Sign Track used with Flexible Portable Sign Letter

Picture of  Flex Letter Track  used with Flexible Letters



Box contains: 

12 each - A E I N O R S
8  each - L T 5 6
6  each - B C D F G H J K M P U W Y
4  each - Q V X Z  1 2 3 4 5 7 8 0 ! * .
2  each -  . , - ! / % &  $ - ¢   


Flexible Letters Bend End to End
Flexible Plastic Letters Bend end to end


Flex Change 4 inch letters are used with sidewalk signs, portable A-Frame signs, changeable message signs and reader boards.

Changeable letters come in several styles and thicknesses. Thin Flex-Change plastic letters and thicker rigid type letters are both available in the same sizes.  A  4” on 5” letter may match the height of your letter but be either to thin of thick for the letter track used on your sign. Flex-Change letters are not replacement letters for Rigid letters, Gemini Pronto letters or Zip Change letters. If you are unsure of the type letter a sign uses read the letter buying guide.

How to Determine the Type of Letter for your Sign

Note: These letters are not recomended signs with letters behind enclosure doors, vandal or wind covers. Refer to DR Acrylic Letters for enclosed signs 


These 4" on 5 inch are on a clear plastic background are commonly used on Signicade Sidewalk Signs that have 6 rows of letters.

Some Signicade Sidewalk Signs us 4" on 4 4/8 inc letters on a white background. These Signicade Sidewalk signs will have 7 rows of letters. These are the same letters for on Swinger Sidewalk Signs. Find 4" on 4 3/8" letters here.



Signicade 6 line folding sidewalk sign

The 5 line Signicade Sidewalk Sign
use 4" on 5" clear panel flex letters



These Letters do not fit Swinger, Tip N Roll, QLA Sidewalk Signs

To buy 4 inch Swinger Sign Letters visit this Link


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