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Marquee Letters for Portable Road Signs - 8 Inch Black Letters, Red Numbers on 8 7/8 Inch Flexible 030 mil Panel, Sign Letter Depot - Made in USA

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 Marquee Letters for Portable Road Signs - 8 Inch Black Letters, Red Numbers on 8 7/8 Inch Flexible 030 mil Panel, Sign Letter Depot - Made in USA

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  • FLEXIBLE MARQUEE LETTERS: The Sign Letter Depot 8" Flexible Marquee Letters are printed on thin, flexible plastic and are often compared to the thickness of a credit card which can be bent from top to bottom without breaking. The flexible .030-mill thick plastic is bent or flexed by hand and slipped into the Flex Letter Track grooves (also called Texas Track).
  • 300-PIECE SET OF ASSORTED LETTERS: This Changeable Portable Sign Letter Set by Sign Letter Depot comes with an assortment of letters to spell out any message. It has a set of 300-piece letters and numbers set that includes Black Letters and Red Numbers. The package consists of all the capital letters from A-Z, 0-9, and includes punctuation.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Changeable Portable signage letters are easy to replace with a simple bend that takes seconds. The letters are thin, flexible, and lightweight that are commonly used on outdoor portable roadside marquee signs and reader boards. The 8” letter is printed on an 8 7/8” high clear, flexible plastic panel that easily bends into the sign’s letter track.
  • NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR RIGID LETTERS: This Sign Letter Depot 8" Flexible Marquee Letters is not a replacement for the Rigid type sign letter. They are too thin to replace rigid letters and will not stay on the sign. Rigid-type flat letters use a different track called a “Push Up Drop Down” track, and flexible letters will not fit on this kind of sign.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our flex letters can be used on sign boards, reader boards, portable road signs, and other changeable letter signs that need 8-inch letters printed on an 8-7/8 inch panel. These letters can often work on signs that use 8-7/8” to 9” letter panels. Balanced assortment of characters that allows you to post your message to your customers, community, and followers.



  Features Include:

  • 8" letters printed on 8 7/8 inch panel
  • Flexible plastic letters bend end to end
  • Black Letters and Red Numbers
  • Complete 300 piece letters and numbers set.


 Flexible Plastic letters bend end to end


Printed on thin flexible plastic, flex letters are sometimes compared to the thickness as a credit card and will bend from top to bottom without breaking. They are bent or flexed by hand and slip into the grooves of the Flex Letter Track  (also called Texas Track).

Flex Change is the original flexible plastic letter for portable signs and is commonly also used on many ground level signs, monument signs and church signs.

Picture of Flex Sign Track used with .030 Flexible Sign Letter

Picture of Flex Letter Track used with flexible plastic letters

Letters included:

14 ea. - A E N R S
10 ea. - I T
9 ea. - O
8 ea. - L  (red) 5 0-zero
6 ea. - B C D F G H M P U W  (red)  6 9
5 ea. - Y % . - 
4 ea. - J K Q V X Z / , !   (red) 1 2 3 4 7 8 $ . ? cent
2 ea. - & #  " ?

Its important to check you letter size.  Make sure you get the right size letter to fit your signs measure your existing letters. If you don't have the original letters cut a piece of cardboard 8 7/8 or 9" high to test if this size fits.

Note: These letters are not recomended signs with letters behind enclosure doors, vandal or wind covers. Refer to DR Acrylic Letters for enclosed signs . 

These are not replacement letters for Rigid letters,  Gemini Pronto or Zip letters. Rigid type flat letters use a different type of track called "Push up drop down track". If your not sure the type of track or letter your sign uses visit our letter buying guide.

Extending Letter Changer poles are used with overhead signs using Rigid, Pronto or Zip Letters

Flex Change flexible plastic letters cannot be used with a changing letter pole to place the letters on overhead signs.They are to flexible to hold suction.

Most overhead signs requiring a letter changing pole to change letters use the stiffer Rigid Marquee Letters, Gemini Pronto Letters or Zip Change Letters

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8" on 8 7/8 panel
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