Flex DR Acrylic Letters

6" on 7 inch DR Plastic Letters - 030 mil Block




6" Flex DR Acrylic Block Letters


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DR Acrylic is the same plastic used to make our rigid letters. Thinner than rigid letters flex DR is 030 mil’s thick and can be used to replace Flex Change letters. This is the longest lasting and most durable flexible plastic letters available and will not darken, discolor or become brittle.  This letter is compatible for signs marquee and portable signs using flex letter tracks.

Note: DR Acrylic letters can be used for enclosed letter signs if the sign is properly ventilated and designed to use .030 mil Flex Letters. Improper ventilation can cause damaage to letters. DR Acrylic Flex letters are not designed to replace Rigid Letters

Features Include: 

  • 6" letter printed on 7” Acrylic .030 panel
  • Set of 300 Block letters & numbers
  • Most durable and longest lasting flex sign letters available
  • Will not darken, yellow, crack or become brittle.
  • Higher heat tolerance for use on ventilated enclosed letter signs 

Flex Letters track used for Flex Change and DR Acrylic Flex letters 

Flex Letter Track

DR Acrylic Flex Letters will bend from end to end

DR Acrylic .030 Flex Lettes 


Not all letters are interchangeable. Flex letters are thin and use flex letter track. Many marquees signs and reader boards use a rigid type of letter. Gemini ProntoRigid Marquee letters and Wagner Zip letters are used on many signs so it important to determine the size and type of letter your signs uses. The following guide shows how to select the correct type of letter for your sign. 

Extending Letter Changer poles are used with overhead signs using Rigid, Pronto or Zip Letters 



Flex Change flexible plastic letters cannot be used with a changing letter pole to place the letters on overhead signs.They are to flexible to hold suction.

Most overhead signs requiring a letter changing pole to change letters use the stiffer Rigid Marquee Letters, Gemini Pronto Letters or Zip Change Letters



Click here to Find out how to Determine the Type of Letter for your Sign  



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